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Experience the Thrill of the Indian Premier League


Experience the Thrill of the Indian Premier League with Black Opal's Luxury Sports Travel Packages


Cricket is more than just a sport in India; it's a religion. And there's no better cathedral for the game's devotees than the Indian Premier League (IPL). Established in 2008, the IPL has rapidly evolved to become the most-watched Twenty20 tournament in the world and the second-highest paying sporting league globally. With ten cities across India hosting matches, and a galaxy of cricketing superstars in action, attending an IPL match is an experience unlike any other. For those looking to indulge in this unique blend of sport, entertainment, and luxury, Black Opal's sports travel packages offer an unparalleled experience.

Why IPL is the Pinnacle of Cricket Entertainment

Over fifteen seasons, the IPL has grown into a mammoth spectacle. Teams like Mumbai Indians, led by Rohit Sharma, have won a record five titles, making him the most elite captain in the league. Players such as Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, and MS Dhoni have graced IPL stadiums, contributing to the tournament's soaring popularity.

It’s not just about the cricket; it’s also about the glamour, the packed stands, the celebrity owners, and the vibrant atmosphere that only an IPL game can offer. The annual player auctions add another layer of intrigue, as franchises like Rajasthan Royals, Punjab Kings, and Delhi Capitals seek to bolster their line-ups, yearning for that elusive first win.

What Makes Black Opal's IPL Packages Unique?

Why settle for less when you can watch the IPL in the lap of luxury? Black Opal, specialists in luxury travel and sports travel packages, offer bespoke experiences designed to elevate your IPL journey to the next level.

Not convinced? Well, how about rubbing shoulders with England International and Black Opal's brand ambassador, Liam Livingstone, who has been part of the IPL himself since 2019? Liam was bought by the Rajasthan Royals in the 2019 and 2021 player auctions and more recently by the Punjab Kings in 2022.

Comprehensive Packages

Your dream trip starts the moment you board your flight. Black Opal's bespoke packages include flights, luxury hotel accommodation, and match day tickets. Trust Black Opal’s knowledgeable team to work with your budget and curate the perfect itinerary for your trip.

More Than Just Cricket

Why limit your trip to the boundaries of the cricket field? In between matches, Black Opal provides the opportunity for you to explore more of India, unwind in the Maldives, or take a cultural tour around Sri Lanka. Your IPL journey is merely a part of a more extensive luxury experience. 
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IPL FAQs for the Avid Fan

  • Who is the most dangerous batsman in IPL history?
    Chris Gayle
  • How many times have MI qualified for playoffs in IPL history?
    Nine times
  • Who is the best team in IPL history?
    Mumbai Indians, with five titles
  • Who is the most expensive player in IPL history?
    Sam Curran, purchased for ₹18.5 crore by Punjab Kings
  • Which team scored the most 200s in IPL history?
    Chennai Super Kings, with 24 instances
  • Who hit the longest six in IPL history?
    Albie Morkel, with a distance of 125 meters
  • What is the lowest score in IPL history?
    RCB's 49
  • Which team has won most matches in IPL history?
    Chennai Super Kings, with 122 wins

The Final Over

As the world’s premier T20 competition, the 2024 IPL is where you want to be. With most games selling out quickly, why risk missing out? Whether you want to watch the opening day or the grand final, click here to register your interest or for more information about booking Black Opal’s Indian Premier League packages. Let Black Opal help you step beyond mere spectatorship and become part of one of cricket's great live experiences.

Seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The next delivery is yours to hit for a six!

For enquiries or to customise your dream IPL package, contact Black Opal's knowledgeable team today.

Your IPL journey is more than just a game; it’s a lifetime experience. With Black Opal, it's an experience steeped in luxury. Book now and be part of history in the making


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