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Necker Island

Caribbean Islands

Richard Branson’s own private island home lies amidst the outstanding natural beauty of the British Virgin Islands.

Available for exclusive hire most weeks of the year, on Necker Island you and up to 30 guests of your choice can enjoy a holiday as luxurious as it is laid back, as informal as it is indulgent. Alternatively, book into one of the island’s ‘celebration weeks’, when rooms are available to be booked individually.

Accommodated across a grand Main House and six charming Bali houses, you’ll enjoy a stay that is beyond comfortable.

Such is the seclusion and exclusivity of this private island paradise that it has played host to the rich and famous for decades. Famous as a place Princess Diana retreated to with her young sons, as well as the location the Obama’s for their first holiday post-presidency; guests here are in exceptional company.

With around three staff to each guest, you couldn’t be better catered to. Request your favourite food for each and every meal; partake in a different sport or island activity each morning; choose a different location to party in each evening. You’ll be wowed by the possibilities here.

With such decadence on offer, you’ll be happy to hear that Necker Island’s carbon footprint is incredibly small; solar energy is harnessed to power much of the island and on-site conservation team can guide you around the many natural wonders, including a flamingo colony and thriving marine life.


Necker Island Aerial View
Necker Island Aerial
Necker Island Beach Bar And Hot Tub
Necker Island Beach Daybed
Necker Island Crocodile Pavilion
Necker Island Beach Pavilion Outdoor Dining
Necker Island Crocodile Pavilion Dining
Necker Island Crows Nest
Necker Island Bali Buah
Necker Island Bali Kukila
Necker Island Bali Lo And Pool
Necker Island Bali Lo Pool
Necker Island Bali Lo
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