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Kruger Shalati

Greater Kruger National Park

Stationed on the historically-rich Selati Bridge above the Sabie River, Kruger Shalati: The Train on the Bridge, will offer the most unique luxury accommodation experience.

Combining breathtaking natural splendours with well-deserved luxuries, this has been one of the most anticipated new offerings to come to the iconic Kruger National Park.

The newly refurbished train celebrates where the first visits to the iconic park were allowed in the early 1920s, the train would park overnight in the exact spot where Kruger Shalati is positioned.

There are 24 carriage rooms and 7 Bridge House rooms, all featuring glass walls so you can fully immerse yourself in the infinite views along the length of the majestic Sabie River.

The one of a kind pool deck is aligned with the floor level of the train and high above the riverbanks. Here you will find crocodile, hippos, buffalos and elephants just meters below.

If you are looking for a South African experience like no other then Kruger Shalati will definitely provide life long memories to tell everyone about!


Kruger Shalati
Kruger Shalati Bridge House Deck Overlooking The Sabie River
Kruger Shalati Bridge House Deck
Kruger Shalati Bridge House Lounge
Kruger Shalati Bridge House Communal Lounge
Kruger Shalati Enroute Grab 'N Go
Kruger Shalati Round In 9 Bar
Kruger Shalati View Of The Train On The Bridge
Kruger Shalati 3638 Restaurant
Kruger Shalati Train Carriage Room
Kruger Shalati Train Carriage Bathroom
Kruger Shalati Bridge House Rooms
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