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David Gower describes his time cruising with SeaDream


“SeaDream”. One is tempted to say ‘It does what it says on the tin” or something equally simple but to use the word tin would be just insulting.

SeaDream is anything but a tin. She is the most gorgeous vessel and for destinations such as the Caribbean it is the ideal way to get around the islands with enough people to keep you company but not too many to feel overwhelmed. As you would have every right to expect, one is beautifully taken care of by the crew and staff in that efficient yet relaxed way that makes you feel almost at home – as long as your home floats and your every wish is taken care of without much more than the lifting of a finger!

So now that we have established that you will be cruising the Caribbean in “Dream” style, where shall we go?

On past excursions I have been all around the islands, both the traditional favourites such as Barbados and Antigua and the smaller, less accessible islands that are indeed accessible on a ship the size of SeaDream.

It opens up the way to beautiful spots such as the Grenadines, to Union Island, Mayreau, the Tobago Keys. I have vivid and very pleasant memories of anchoring off the beach at Mayreau, being dropped off ashore and being served the most beautiful canapes accompanied by bottles of delicious, bubbling fizz, all while standing waist deep in crystal clear waters, the staff of course in full uniform! One feels wonderfully pampered and you have the impression that you have the island to yourself apart from the ladies on the beach selling their T shirts. How can you not mark the occasion by buying? My favourite from years back, now slightly the worse for wear like its owner, is in turquoise, to match the sea, with the words “Live Fast” on the front and “Sail Slow” on the back. 

With canapes and champagne devoured, you are allowed a little time to soak up the sun and cool down in the waters before someone brings out stumps, bats and balls and it’s time for beach cricket! It is your choice how involved or competitive you want to make it and for those keen to be part of it but not really there is always that position at deep square leg to the left-hander – 40 metres out to sea!

The beauty of SeaDream is that you can be virtually anywhere you want to be just by pulling up the anchor, setting a course and heading off to the next beauty spot. She can be your base for a test match for 5 days and wherever you are you can enjoy the restaurants and bars of, for instance Barbados, but by the next morning you can be listening to the gentle rustle of the sea lapping against the hull as you look out on your latest hideaway island, with breakfast just a few steps away where you can enjoy your fresh guava juice, poached eggs and bacon, coffee to restore the equilibrium after the night before and a view that ain’t going nowhere. As they say in parts of the world where pure English is optional!


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